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You Don’t Have to Be Retired to Enjoy Our Retirement Community

A mature woman takes a phone call at her CEO work desk

One of the perks of growing older is having the experience and knowledge to know what you want to do in life. So, when it comes time to retire you have a plan … even if that plan includes not retiring. If you enjoy what you’re doing or are running a family business that you’re not ready to hand off yet, why should you retire?

Of course, you may want the freedom and independence that comes with an amenity-rich, maintenance-free senior living lifestyle. Why not enjoy both? If you’re asking yourself, “Can I live in a retirement community if I’m not retired yet?” the answer is “Yes!” Despite the name “retirement living,” you don’t have to retire to live at a senior living community like Cypress Village.

The Benefits of Working in Retirement

More U.S. adults are working past age 65 for financial reasons and to stay busy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees this trend increasing to 23.3% by 2028. Post-retirement work, which can provide a social outlet, has been linked to improved health, lower rates of depression and other benefits including:

Retire even more comfortably
Working allows you to continue to build your retirement nest egg because you’re not drawing down your savings. Even earning just a portion of your previous salary can make a difference. ​

Exercise for your brain
The University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study (HRS) shows continuing to work has advantages for cognition. In fact, you can get a particular kind of benefit by switching to a different type of job or role. This process of learning new things – called “novelty processing”– may help slow cognitive decline.

Better overall health
A University of Maryland study of more than 12,000 retirees involved in the HRS research found that having a post-career job was associated with fewer major diseases and functional limitations.

Keeping old friends while making new friends
The Harvard Study of Adult Development, which has been tracking generations of families since 1938, found participants who were happiest in retirement replaced their old work relationships with new relationships. Doing any regular work – full-time, part-time or volunteering – helps you maintain those long-time work relationships while living in a retirement community creates an opportunity for interactions that can develop into new relationships.

A sense of purpose
Research shows that people with a sense of purpose feel younger in retirement and continuing to work in some capacity is a great way to find a new sense of direction after retirement.

Have fun
Being around people you like or working somewhere that coincides with your hobbies can be fun. Continuing to work provides you with an opportunity to find a job or freelance work that you always thought would be interesting, but never tried because it paid less or had fewer benefits than your previous job.

Enjoy Work AND Plenty of Play

Even if you plan on working in retirement, a senior living lifestyle like what you’ll find at Cypress Village can add a lot to your life outside of nine-to-five. To see what we mean, join us for one of our events or schedule a personal visit by contacting us here.