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Cypress Village Celebrates Armed Forces Day

Scenic view of the lake alongside Cypress Village senior living community

Residents of Cypress Village gathered May 21 in front of the Veterans Recognition Wall to induct new names to the wall of honor and to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

Jim Jandreau, Veterans Committee chair, led the Pledge of Allegiance and the induction of new names to the digital display.

“Today is Armed Forces Day, always on the third Saturday of May,” he said. “I cannot better describe the honoring of our women and men in our armed forces than what former President Ronald Reagan said 41 years ago. Today, their job is vitally important — their sacrifice and patriotism make it possible for those of us who are civilians to go about our everyday lives. Their commitment keeps our nation strong and our future free. Today, millions of Americans are honoring the dedicated men and women who serve in our armed forces. Like me, they’re saying with gratitude, with respect and affection in their hearts. Today, I want all those wearing American uniforms around the globe to know: America is grateful to you — and proud of you, too.”

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