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Making friends for life, one party at a time

Read our latest mention in The Recorder.

From the article:

Making friends is always a daunting task no matter your age. Cypress Village residents have made it their mission to help form friends for life. The Welcoming Committee at Cypress Village has hosted numerous events. According to a resident, every welcome party creates at least one new friendship — if not more.

Welcoming parties aren’t the only events hosted, and members of the committee will try to connect many of the other events in the neighborhood with a welcoming party so new residents can be better integrated into the community. Residents at Cypress love helping form lifelong bonds and look forward to hosting many more welcoming parties and other events.

Cypress Village is a retirement care community that offers residents an outstanding standard of living with all the services and amenities. Located adjacent to the Mayo Clinic, Cypress Village has beautifully appointed homes and apartments on a 120-acre campus.

For more information on this unmatched lifestyle of comfort and convenience, call 904-223-6100.