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What Are The Dimensions of Wellness in Aging?

Happy senior women exercising with a hula hoop

The current generation of older adults is the most healthy and active in history, and the opportunity to live a truly vibrant lifestyle in retirement is greater than ever. Being retired can mean years of enjoyment, satisfaction and health.

But the definition of health has evolved over the years. When today’s seniors think about health, they’re not just minding what they eat and going for a walk every day. Health through aging now includes multiple factors and is considered through the lens  of many dimensions of wellness.

Older adults who pay attention to their overall wellness can live longer, more fulfilling lives. But living a life of wellness takes planning and effort. And seniors who focus on their wellness will notice the rewards of it every day of their lives.

So, what are the dimensions of wellness for older adults?

Physical Wellness

The most obvious dimension  of wellness involves  diet and exercise. Eating the proper amount of healthy foods and not overindulging in unhealthy treats and alcohol are crucial to physical health and disease prevention. Engaging in activities that keep you moving, maintain your cardiovascular health, strength, balance and bone density are also at the top of the list. Also remember to stay in contact with your health care providers. Regular checkups and health screenings are important for catching potential health issues when they’re manageable.

Intellectual Wellness

Exercising your mind with reading, puzzles and games is a great way to stay sharp as you age. But beyond that, many of today’s seniors consider themselves lifelong learners. There are more seniors taking classes, both in-person and online, than ever before. The joy of learning and intellectual stimulation can be satisfying and fun. When you can combine your years of experience and wisdom with new information and modern ways of thinking, you can expand your understanding of subjects you enjoy more deeply than ever before.

Occupational Wellness

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop being productive at the things you enjoy and are good at doing, especially at retirement communities. The satisfaction you felt when you were putting your talents to use as a younger person can still be felt today. In fact, the skills and competencies you’ve developed over years of practice can be even more satisfying with continuing a career, with volunteering or with teaching what you know to others. Being productive can be one of the most gratifying ways to enjoy senior living.

Social Wellness

Multiple studies over many years have made it clear that social isolation can be harmful to the physical and mental health of older adults. But when someone is aging at home, opportunities to get out, see people and have fulfilling interactions can become difficult to manage. A major reason why people say they want to age at home is to maintain their freedom and enjoy active senior living, but very often the opposite can happen. Without the support of a caring community, many seniors can find themselves isolated and alone. Feeling like part of a community and building meaningful relationships adds value to anyone’s life, and being there for others can give you a sense of purpose.

Spiritual Wellness

Contemplating the future can take on a deeper meaning as you get older. Seniors who have been searching for meaning can find this practice even more rewarding now than ever before. Whether you focus your energy on organized religion or take a more philosophical approach to what it means to be self-aware and mindful, when you take time to find a connection to something larger than yourself, it can give you a lasting sense of comfort and peace of mind.

Emotional Wellness

All of these practices can put you on a path to feeling good. And this in turn makes it easier to focus on all the things you have to enjoy in your life. Making an effort to feel a sense of gratitude for the life you have led and continue to lead is one of the key dimensions of wellness. It helps you make the most of every day, and no matter your age, look to the future with hope and optimism.

Wellness at Cypress Village

As you learn, as you interact, as you move, as you enjoy companionship and contemplate a higher power, you feel alive. As you incorporate your years of experience and memories with excitement about the future, you are likely to find yourself happier and more content than at any other time in your life.

The focus on senior wellness as Cypress Village makes it easy to live this lifestyle every day. It’s among the very best senior living communities with a focus on all the dimensions of wellness of mind, body and spirit. We’re committed to the well-being of our residents with programs, activities and services that promote health, wellness and contentment, so you can live your best life.

To find out more about all the programs, services and amenities we have to offer, contact us.