Why Veterans Choose Jacksonville, The Military-Friendly City in Florida

military veteran holding a small child holding an American flag
Making the decision to serve your country by serving in the military may not be an easy road, but it’s certainly an honorable one. Because of your experiences and sacrifice, you undoubtedly want to find a safe, secure, military-friendly place to call home once you return to civilian life and/or transition into retirement. 

As a veteran, where you settle down once your service is over or when you’re ready for retirement can play a big role in how smooth your transition into your next season of life is. Perhaps where you end up calling home won’t be your hometown or another familiar place. Have you thought about relocating for a better quality of life in a city that suits your needs and honors your service?

While Florida, in general, is considered a military-friendly state with numerous opportunities for veterans, Jacksonville, Florida, is a city many veterans flock to. In addition to a warm climate and gorgeous surroundings, Jacksonville is known for its numerous employment and educational options, and for being a community that’s extremely supportive of veterans.

Read on to learn more about why veterans choose Jacksonville, Florida,as a place to build a new life in the civilian sphere. And discover Cypress Village, a Life Plan Community in Jacksonville dedicated to helping veterans create the lifestyle they deserve.


5 Ways Jacksonville Is Military-Friendly 

About 1.5 million veterans have chosen to make Florida their place of residence ... and for good reason. Jacksonville, in particular, stands out as an extremely attractive city for veterans of all ages. One reason for this is the city’s proximity to multiple military installations and other facilities that aid veterans and their affairs. 

In fact, 1 in 4 Jacksonville residents has a connection to the military, making it one of the most military-friendly places to live in the country. 

Here are some other ways Jacksonville stands out from other states when it comes to attracting veterans:

  • Florida’s high-tech economy includes over 750,000 defense-related jobs.
  • 100% of college tuition and fees are covered for veterans who served in the armed forces after 9/11.
  • There are no taxes on homestead property for veterans with a service-connected disability.
  • Florida residents pay no state income taxes, a fact that enhances the value of retiring there as a veteran. 
  • The Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition helps facilitate career, business and education opportunities for veterans in Jacksonville.


Benefits for Veteran Seniors in Jacksonville 

In Jacksonville, the Military Affairs and Veterans (MAV) Department provides critical support to veterans of all ages, in all aspects of their daily lives. 

Three key ways in which MAV enhances veterans benefits in Jacksonville include:

  • The MAV Department is committed to delivering timely and competent services to the large veteran community in Jacksonville by assisting veterans, their survivors, and their caregivers who are trying to get access to pensions, health care, disability ratings, GI Bill, and other earned benefits.
  • The MAV Department sponsors and promotes citywide events to publicly recognize the service and sacrifice of the military men and women serving at area installations in Jacksonville.
  • MAV functions as an advocate for the expansion of military infrastructure, personnel, and jobs within Jacksonville by working closely with community leaders to deliver the message that Jacksonville is the most military and veteran-friendly city in the U.S.


Looking to Retire in a Military-Friendly City? Here’s Why Veterans Choose Jacksonville. 

If you’re seriously considering a retirement move to Jacksonville, you’ve probably seen all the financial and personal benefits associated with living in the area. Here’s why a vast number of veterans have selected Jacksonville as a place to call home, and why you may, too:


The thriving veteran population 

Over 1.5 million veterans reside in the state of Florida, with 50% of that population being 65 or older. This means there’s a variety of thriving veterans groups like the USO and Team RWB, where aging veterans have the support of their peers and are able to find connections with people who have had similar experiences in life.


The amazing beach scenery and natural oceanic beauty 

Jacksonville’s location delivers the best in so many ways, especially when it comes to its surroundings and climate. In Jacksonville, the year-round sunshine makes it pleasant to go to the beach whenever you like, helping stave off those winter blues and keep your Vitamin D levels up. 

Did you know Jacksonville has more shorelines than any other city in the nation? This includes more than 1,100 miles of traversable water, including 40 miles of the Intracoastal Waterway, 22 miles of beaches, and the longest stretch of the St. Johns River in Florida. 


Superior accessibility to VA health care, services and resources

Florida is home to 21 military bases, which provide a wide variety of health services for Florida veterans, including highly-rated veteran hospitals, outpatient clinics and vet centers. If you need health care in Florida, you can certainly find it, making this one of the best places for veterans to retire. 


Senior Living for Veterans: Welcome Home to Cypress Village

Ready to retire at Cypress Village in Jacksonville, where we have an active veteran population? Our staff at Cypress Village can’t wait to provide you with the best in Florida retirement living. 

We pride ourselves on being a coveted destination for a number of our nation’s heroes, and we work tirelessly to make our community an enviable retirement destination for all seniors, including veterans, 

We’d be honored if you, one of our nation’s heroes, choose to call our community home. Get in touch with us today and ask about the veterans benefits for senior living and how you can use them to create the lifestyle you deserve.

If you’d like to know more about the lakeside residences, boathouse or fishing dock at Cypress Village, or about the resident veterans group on campus, please reach out to us.